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about 3 years ago

How do you use inputs?

I know what inputs are, but have a few questions as to the use of them:

  1. How do I make the submit button work?
  2. How do I incorporate the answer into my website?

Is there a course which explains this?
If not, could someone please tell me.

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Hi Booligoosh,

To make your submit button work, just add a action and method attribute to a <form> element around the <input>. For example, assuming that a POST request to /contact will send the code, you could have a form that looks like this:

<form method="post" action="/contact">
  <input type="email" name="email" required>

How do I incorporate the answer into my website?

What languages is your site built on? That makes a big difference in how you put a form on your site :)

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Zeke Y
almost 3 years ago


5a3677692524c84f8e000438_961608096 Booligoosh almost 3 years ago

Thank you, that really helps!!!
As for incorporating it into the website, let's say I just want it to have their name they put in in the corner of the screen, is there any way I could do that just with HTML so it looks something like this:
or something similar.

5674c6dae39efec455000434_879409444 Zeke Y almost 3 years ago

I'm having trouble visualizing what you're saying. Do you have the website (at least partially) built? Could you put the code on GitHub so I can see it?