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Can anybody suggest how to save this file in .gif file

I am trying to save the frame with animation but not able to find any resources or tools online to save my work with animation but when I am trying to save it is saving as image without animation.

So please give me advice on how to save the file in gif without losing the animation.

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It's not possible to do what you want to sorry. An animated gif is pre-defined with set frames (images in-between images). The image you are trying to save is not set up like that. It changes in real-time on the fly because the animation effect is dependent on when and where you hover your mouse over it.

You will have to use screen recording software to capture a video of the action - only then do you have something that can be converted to an animated gif. A free program is TinyTake, though I'm not aware if it's any good or not.

If you want to try this, you should make the cursor invisible first so it's not shown on the video you record. Try this:

$('body').css('cursor', 'none');

Good Luck ☺

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