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about 3 years ago

How to get access to the tracklist of a playlist album with Soundcloud API?

How can I GET the tracklist of a playlist with the Soundcloud API?
I followed the tutorial at CA, but that exercise was to get only one track.

Know I use the following to get all my playlists:

SC.get('/users/' + USER + '/playlists', function(playlists) {
$(playlists).each(function(index, playlist) {

            //$('#cover').append($('<li></li>').css('background-image', "url('" + track.artwork_url + "')");
            $("#cover").append('<div><img src="' + playlist.artwork_url.replace('-large', '-t500x500') + '"></div>');


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This subforum is for YouTube. Try in the soundcloud subforum
Good luck, pal!

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Chris Vornsowski
almost 3 years ago