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over 2 years ago

my code for 25/26 does not work?

img {
height: 100px;
width: 300px;
border: 1px solid #4682b4;

here is my code
everything seems to be right but
here is my link in the .html file

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I am facing the exact same thing!

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Nandini Rathi
over 2 years ago

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45ee164e9fa1b5859479ed82e81ee80c?s=140&d=retro zhulan over 2 years ago


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error message are custom and not always accurate,

check here how to format your code. Your code is currently not visible. if you update your question please leave a comment so i get a notification.
If you put your code i a comment, i am going to ask you to redo it, and use proper format.

could you post full html + css code? If you really think it is a glitch, try refreshing/switching browser

Make sure the browser zoom is set to 100% (ctrl + 0)

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over 2 years ago

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58e2d9f3854be90e740002ed_546689248 Pham over 2 years ago

I've got the same issue too. Sometimes it helps to remove the hashtag (#). Other times, codecademy just needs to get themselves together. :\

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you forgot your LINK code in the html header to tell it to read the stylesheet

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about 2 years ago