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What is the extra things being added when bootstrap is applied to the code?

Forgive me for the stupid question haha! So my list is going from something like this

To this when Bootstrap is added.
<ul class="pull-right">
<li><**a href ="#">**Name</a></li>

I understand the <ul class="pull-right">, but I am wondering why the bolded portion (a href="#") of the code is added in by bootstrap and what it is doing. Thanks a bunch!

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Hi catahoola,

There are no stupid questions!

<a href="#">Name</a> isn't a Bootstrap thing. It is a way to make a bit of text on your page act like a link. Usually you use it when you don't want or don't have the real link ready yet but you'd like to experience that page with text that behaves like a link.

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