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What is the difference between jQuery and AngularJS?

They are both javascript libraries so are there anymore differences than just the plain javascript built-in applications?

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The simplest way to view the difference, from a beginner perspective is that jQuery is essentially an abstract of JavaScript, so the way we design a page for JavaScript is pretty much how we will do it for jQuery. Start with the DOM then build a behavior layer on top of that. Not so with Angular.js. The process really begins from the ground up, so the end result is the desired view.

The two frameworks are so different from one another we would never incorporate both into the same project. Either we build upon a purely JavaScript augmented model, or on an architectural view model. Angular.js is about architecture, more than simple behavior.

I’ll stop here, with the generalizations, and let you explore the larger differences with a search of the web. One expects there will be lots of professional viewpoints that go into more specifics of the comparison.

SERP: Angular.js vs jQuery

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