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How do I insert an image from my computer?

The lesson on inserting images from another websites was pretty clear to me,
I just wonder how to put an image on my website that is not on the web yet, e.g. a photo that I store in my PC.
Will this be explained in any of the lessons that follow?
Or could just someone please share their tips and tricks on how to sort this out?

Thank you! :-)

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No, it will not be explained because we do not go into the actual mounting of a web site in these courses. Here we learn the skeleton aspects: The document, presentation and behavior. Also, there is no mechanism on this site for uploading images from your computer. If you have an image you would like to use in a lesson/project then upload it to an image hosting service and add the URL in your src attribute.

Some proviso's are:

  1. Be sure the image is small and optimized for the web so it downloads quickly and does not take too much room in your page.
  2. Do not use images from another web site that you do not have permission to use (hot linking) since this is viewed as bandwidth theft and copyright infringement.
  3. Be sure the images are safe for under-aged users since this is a site largely used by young people.
  4. Please don't use animated images. They are tacky, cause needless distraction (and for some people, even seizures) and they are a continuous drain on processing power since they are actually small programs.

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Picture Mayowa Pitan almost 3 years ago

Thanks Patata for this question asked. It has saved me some time.
And thanks Roy for your expanation