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almost 3 years ago

[resolved] A way to revisit finished website?

I've complete the Make a Website course, however, I am having trouble logging out and logging back in to find and view my completed website. Is this possible? Thanks!

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Hi miss_cheveous,

When you are on the "Learn" page, this one:

  • Look for Make a Website
  • Scroll down to Unit 5 and click into it, this takes you into the "cards"
  • Click on the green oval on the right of all the dots
  • Click on Next, now you are into the final set of exercises
  • Click on the 1/14 button and then you can go to the final exercise
  • Whew!

It does seem a bit tricky doesn't it? There must be an easier way ...

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almost 3 years ago

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8cc8374dc141f98cc491050bfd4eb662?s=140&d=retro miss_cheveous almost 3 years ago

Yes, there should definitely be a better way. Thank you for your help!