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Math Glitch

Using the code editor

displays: 12345678987654320

that's the wrong answer...but because I'm just learning how to code, I don't know why it's creating a problem, just thought I'd give you guys a heads up

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Hi teddygrl,

Web browsers aren't great at doing big math, but my calculator gives me this answer to your equation and that matches what your browser is telling you.


What answer were you hoping for?

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56c635067700a184c087136292e98054?s=140&d=retro John Bacon almost 3 years ago

The answer to 111111111111111111 is 12345678987654321. The rightmost digit in the answer should be 1 not 0. Since 11=1 and no other digits contribute to the rightmost digit.

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The web browser appears to display only 16 significant digits, then floor the rest without telling the user. But the question asks for big numbers to multiply together, and some people like to test using LARGE numbers where they know the answer to the exact digit..

For example, I tested 9999999999*9999999999=99999999980000000001.
The answer displayed was 99999999980000000000, so I went to the q and a section to find the limitations of the system.

Some limit should be introduced since all is fine as long as both numbers multiplied are 8 or fewer digits long. Getting the wrong answer is confusing to beginner programmers who don't know about limits.

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John Bacon
almost 3 years ago