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Neel Shivdasani
about 3 years ago

3/7 not working despite copying code from previous example

I copied this exact syntax from the previous lesson and it didn't work. I then erased any spaces from in between the items, in case that was causing problems. Despite all of this, I still get errors about not having enough items in my list. What am I doing wrong?

  $friends = array("Egg","Tomato","Beans","Chips","Sausage");

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Put the names of three of your friends in it
$friends = array("Jack", "Jim", "Joe");

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almost 3 years ago

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92410b3ad1740b0ed00fec6a3f181476?s=140&d=retro Neel Shivdasani almost 3 years ago

Yeah. I'm stupid. The lessons had been giving me some other unexplained errors, and I assumed this was one of those and not my own mistake. Thank you.