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over 2 years ago

[resolved] Why is Email Capitalized in Placeholder but not in Input Type?

Why is "Email" capitalized after "placeholder" but not after "input type," like this:
<input type="email" placeholder="Email"> ?

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Hi ElizabethWestphal,

Try changing the word "Email" in your placeholder -- make it anything you like. It is a message that is displayed to the user and you can be very flexible about it.

The type="email" allows you to choose what sort of input box you want to display so you need to be more careful with that. Here is a link to a page that shows you all of the valid choices for types of input boxes:

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0226bbc4527d51fcc7416fe20829e632?s=140&d=retro ElizabethWestphal_54725aae8c1cccc13e over 2 years ago

Thanks! Your explanation and the link were quite helpful. :)

55df2afa95e3787b9200005e_359368177 Judy over 2 years ago

You're welcome!