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Ver- Kot
almost 3 years ago

11/14 Oops, try again.

I don't understand what might be wrong! I already tryed to put space between jpg" and /> I don't know what else I can fix!

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <img src=""/>

    <p> <img src=""  /> </p>

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You forgot to use the same logic in the first paragraph:

<p><img src=""/></p>

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almost 3 years ago

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Bf5da7b9e0caf7d60b0ea2d612894871?s=140&d=retro Ver- Kot almost 3 years ago

Thanks a lot! It helped! Interestingly, that I didn't wright this line, so I didn't think thant i have to check it!

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Itunu Adekoya
almost 3 years ago