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Submitted by
Danilo Feijó
almost 3 years ago

Where save the site images?


My doubt is about [best practices to ] store images. I can use 2 options to work with images:

A- Safe the images into site repository (a "img" folder for example) and use a local path in my html ("/img/myImage.jpg);


B- Safe the image on remote environment and use one URL like This exercise ("")

I want to knows What the best practice and Why. The "A" option sounds goods (I think) but don't sure.

Best regards
Thank You

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Hello Dan,

I would recommend option A, that way you will always own that image. If you chose option B and who ever owns the url at option B decides to remove the picture, it would mess up your website.

If you are using something reliable to host external images, then both options are valid and its mainly down to preference (unless you start looking at page load speed in depth)


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Submitted by
Keith Light
almost 3 years ago