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Submitted by
Neema A.
almost 3 years ago

4/15 Did you write 'yourName'.length correctly?

what is the problem here?

document.write( "James".length )

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this works. in example it has a period after length but ignore that. lines need to end in semicolon.

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Submitted by
Carolyn Evans
almost 3 years ago

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55f5bed4d3292fcd3700006f_744279654 Carolyn Evans almost 3 years ago

sorry, totally missed parentheses in instructions. this works too: document.write( "Carolyn".length ); looks like you were super close, just missing the semicolon to end the line.

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Carolyn is correct. I am just starting the course and got hung up here. The newly introduced length needs to go into the parentheses.

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Submitted by
Matthew Tomkins
over 2 years ago