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Pseudo-Class Selectors BUG? 23/23

I cannot get past the last one on CSS Selectors, I believe I have done it as I am suppose to, my tutor says it looks alright to him, it keeps on saying this every time I click "Save & Submit code": "Oops, try again. Did you give your third paragraph a font-size of 26px? It looks like it's currently undefined." Is this a bug? Please do respond, I cannot progress on my work because of this.

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check here how to format your code. Your code is currently not visible. if you update your question please leave a comment so i get a notification.
If you put your code i a comment, i am going to ask you to redo it, and use proper format.

please post your html and css code

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55f8990ce39efe9e3900037b_211586758 Nathan about 3 years ago

I actually found out what was wrong, I missed out the on the coding, thank you anyway.