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Submitted by
Joe Curran
over 2 years ago

String Functions II, 3/8, continuous error "first strpos should output a number...."?

Hi, I have written out the code exactly as it says in the example, yet it keeps coming up with this error....I write the strpos function, then brackets with my name and a letter from my name with all the correct punctuation, but nothing shows in the window and this error occurs. Its driving me mad!, any help would be greatly appreciated =]


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You need to store it as a variable and then print it on the next line.

$var = strpos("tn5421", "2");
print $var;

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Submitted by
Tyler Nelson
over 2 years ago

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3463c52a7911d68dea748d65d774c4c6?s=140&d=retro Joe Curran over 2 years ago

ah, so simple. thanks =]