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Images and Links

Below I have pasted the answer to the exercise in which we are to create a link to an image, create an image, and create a text link.
I went online and copied picture URLs for this exercise. They should be correct but the hint tells me that I am missing the two image links. Can you help me understand why this is incorrect? Thanks.

<!DOCTYPE html>

< img src="" />


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Please present your full HTML code ...

Please update your Post so the HTML-code is visible....
+++++ how to edit Add an Answer (courtesy to = tony de araujo =)

In this editor
if a < open-tag is encountered, without 4-prepending-spaces
this tag is interpreted by the editor....

Paste-in the code you use
select this code in the editor
then either CTRL-k or click-on-the-{} symbol......

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105bb5cdd50796a0ec399f281273bc1e?s=140&d=retro RICHARD STRONG almost 3 years ago

Thank you.

5334fc819c4e9db930001a0d_32139218 Leon almost 3 years ago

You did not update your post with the full html-code you are using,,,