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Orkut Mahmud
over 2 years ago

Oops, try again. Your printed output from rand() should be an integer.

$name = "Orkut";
$length = strlen($name);

   $random = rand(0, $length-1); 

   echo substr($name, $random, 1);

when I submit this code, I face this problem.

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I did this and it worked...:

$name = "my name";    
print substr($name, 0, rand(0,2));

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Submitted by
Eryc da Silva
over 2 years ago

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Picture Stefan de Jong over 2 years ago

Sadly doesn't work here either

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$name = "james";

print substr($name, 0, rand(0,4));

this worked for me....whether its right or not i've no idea....but i got the green light to advance.

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over 2 years ago