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Kevin O'Sullivan
over 2 years ago

Oops! Did You Add An $isAlive Property?

Hey Everyone,

I know this track can be a little buggy since it's server based?* (i think that's why at least);

I just wanted to see if I was actually missing anything here. My code, which I believe is built out correctly, is failing to pass. If anyone could point something out that I may be missing, I would be greatly appreciative.

Thanks for the help #Learn

  • My Code:

class Cat {
public $isAlive = true;
public $numLegs = 4;
public $name;

         public function _construct($name) {
             $this->name = $name;

         public function meow() {
             return "Meow meow";

         $cat1 = new Cat("CodeCat");

         echo $cat1->meow();