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table formating

How do I format the table so the players names are under each other. Right now Tom Brady is in the center of the table and the rest of the names are only a space away from either WR or RB row. I dont understand why my first table row looks so different from my last table row if they each have the same amount of tabe data in each one of them.
I hope I word this okay, Im sure you will understand what i mean if you copy and paste my code. Thank you in advance.

My html code is:

    <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>
    <title>Free Play!</title>
                <th colspan="5"><h2><strong>New England Patriots</stong></h2><th>
                <th colspan="5">Depth chart</th
                <td>Tom Brady</td>
                <td>Jimmy Garoppolo</td>

                <td>Danny Amendola</td>
                <td>Julian Edelman</td>
                <td>Matthew Slater</td>
                <td>Aaron Dobson</td>
                <td>Dion Lewis</td>
                <td>Brandon Bolden</td>


My CCS code is:
table {

thead {

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In your QB td-Tag
you forgot the closing-Tag like </td>

So change your




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