HTML Basics II
Unordered lists

We just learned how to make ordered lists, but what if the order doesn't matter, what if we just want bullet points?

<h2>Taco Ingredients</h2>
    <li>Sour Cream</li>

Does this look familiar?

  1. First, we open our list with an unordered list <ul> tag
  2. For each item we wish to add to the list, we use a list item tag <li> with text in between
  3. We then tell the browser we are done with our list by calling our closing </ul> tag
  1. In your <body> tag, create an <h1> tag and put the text 'Some random thoughts' inside it.
  2. Under your <h1> tag, create a paragraph using the <p> tag which describes the list you will make.
  3. Finally, create an unordered list with the <ul> tag which contains a list of four random thoughts, each of which should be placed inside of an <li> tag
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So an unordered list looks like:

    <li> random thing 1 </li>
    <li> random thing 2 </li>
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