Conversational Design with Alexa

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In this course, you will learn how to build conversational skills using a number of tools, including entity resolution and dialog management. If this is your first time learning about Alexa, you should start with Codecademy's Introduction to Alexa course.

Entity resolution allows you to seamlessly create synonyms that all resolve to the same value. Dialog management allows you to adapt to the current state of the conversation. These techniques enable you to write clean, clear code in your AWS Lambda function and improve the experience for your skill's users.

Amazon Alexa recently released a new version of the Amazon Alexa SDK. The Alexa courses in this series teach the old version of the Alexa SDK. We are working to update these courses over the coming months. While the changes between versions are small, we recommend you take these courses, then read about the latest version of the Alexa SDK on GitHub.


In this course, you will build multiple skills, including a movie matching skill and a flight travel agent, that use the advanced features of conversational design.


With a comprehensive understanding of the process for developing a custom Alexa skill, you will join a community of developers that will define the field of voice design.

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