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Pie Chart Pitfalls

Pie Charts have two common pitfalls:

  • It can be difficult for viewers to compare sector sizes within the chart.
  • If a pie chart contains too many sectors, it is difficult for a viewer to decipher any useful information.

If you ever run into this issue, a bar chart may be the best solution. The picture comparing pie charts and bar charts shows why.

With each pie chart, it is almost impossible to compare separate sectors. However, the bar chart makes the comparisons much easier to decipher.

Visualizing Data
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  1. 1
    One of the most effective ways to identify and communicate trends in data is through data visualization. In Excel, we can create a wide variety of visualizations in the same sheets we’ve been u…
  2. 2
    Often, we think of data visualization as being all about charts and graphs. In Excel, data visualization starts with tools to help us explore the data tables themselves! For example, let’s take a…
  3. 3
    A common task in data visualization is to compare the sizes of categories. For example, in our vehicle data we might want to compare how many cars are being produced as opposed to SUVs or trucks. *…
  4. 4
    Column charts and pie charts are excellent for comparing the sizes of categories. But they won’t help us understand more general numeric columns. For example, suppose we wanted to use the following…
  5. 5
    The last two visualizations we’ll look at are charts that help us see the change in a numeric column over time. For this exercise, we’ll look at a dataset containing data on the total production (…
  6. 6
    What if you aren’t sure which chart type is best for your data? After all, different types of graphs can bring out different aspects of the data. Conveniently, Excel provides a quick and easy way t…
  7. 7
    In this lesson, you’ve learned how to use - conditional formatting for visualizing tabular data - column charts and pie charts for visualizing categorical data - histograms and scatterplots for vi…

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