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Familiarity with the visual layout of Tableau is its own skill worth practicing. While data exploration is relatively straightforward, actually using Tableau for data visualization can prove confusing or frustrating at first because of the amount of new visual information to take in.

Making Visualizations in Tableau
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    Now that we’ve learned how to set up our data in Tableau, let’s get vizzing! Tableau allows us to visualize our data in numerous ways, from simple text tables to treemaps, or even a combination of …
  2. 2
    With so many visualization options in Tableau, it can be easier to create nonsense than to create a meaningful viz. And with the amount of data fields and marks available to us, it’s easy for the c…
  3. 3
    In Tableau, we can create a variety of visualizations using different combinations of dimensions and measures. Let’s see what that means for analyzing our Rotten Tomatoes data. When we double clic…
  4. 4
    We learned how to generate a bar chart in the previous lesson. Now we’ll enhance that chart with more information using the Marks Card. We’ll walk through the cheat sheet on the right to see what e…
  5. 5
    So far, we’ve created vizzes with Tableau’s existing presets and learned how to use the Marks Card to change certain properties. This can create helpful and informative visualizations, but to take …
  6. 6
    So far we’ve been using the Rotten Tomatoes dataset in our vizzing journey. Let’s close that out for now and apply the principles we’ve learned so far toward a new dataset for some additional pract…
  7. 7
    Dashboards are a collection of several visualizations or views. They are particularly useful when we want to display multiple views at once. We’ll create a dashboard using the volcanoes dataset by…
  8. 8
    Phew, that was a lot of Tableau! Here’s a refresher with everything we’ve covered - you can use this page as a reference in all your future Tableau endeavors. Essential components of Tableau - …

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