[Beta] Choosing a Programming Language


Why Take Choosing a Programming Language?

Choosing your first language can be difficult and stressful. This course aims to make it easier. By taking this course, you will walk away with more confidence in choosing a language to learn.

Take Away Skills

You will learn factors to consider when choosing a language, as well as information about some of the most popular choices. After this course, you will be ready to get started learning to code in a language of your choice!

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    We will describe what to consider when choosing a first language, and introduce some choices at a high level.

— Madelyn, Pinterest

I know from first-hand experience that you can go in knowing zero, nothing, and just get a grasp on everything as you go and start building right away.

Course Description

This course will introduce learners to factors to consider when picking a first language as well as describe some popular options.


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1 hour to complete in total