Creating Quick STEAM Activities with ChatGPT Case Study

Use ChatGPT to help in creating quick STEAM activities. Create items like lesson handouts, design specifications, material lists, and more.

  • Skill level

  • Time to complete

    Approx. 1 hour
  • Prerequisites


About this course

This case study will help you develop your skills in using ChatGPT to create quick STEAM activities. Taking the mindset of a teacher who is creating a fun activity to teach their class about a specific STEAM topic, you will use ChatGPT to help you work out all of the details of the activity. The case study explores the role of a physics teacher interested in teaching their class about airplanes and aerodynamics. However, if you have your STEAM topic that you would like help in creating an activity for, you are welcome to use that instead.

Skills you'll gain

  • Create effective prompts

  • Create the details of the activity

  • Generate content for a handout about a STEAM topic

  • Design a competition allowing students to showcase what they learned


The platform

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