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Types of Databases

NoSQL Databases

A NoSQL database is a type of database which uses different data models than the traditional relational model used with SQL.

Key-Value NoSQL Database

A key-value NoSQL database uses individual records consisting of:

  • Name, which is the key
  • Data, which is the value

The data is assigned to a name when stored.

Document-based NoSQL Database

A document-based NoSQL database stores objects which contain data in standard encodings such as JSON, YAML, or XML.

Graph-Based NoSQL Database

A graph-based NoSQL database connects many data objects (nodes) together through relationships (edges).

This type of database combines the querying of relational databases with NoSQL flexibility and scalability.

Column-Oriented NoSQL Database

A column-oriented NoSQL database groups data into columns instead of using the rows of a traditional database.

The columns can consist of different sizes and stored data types.