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Preparing for Incidents and Looking Ahead

Security Culture

In Cybersecurity, Security Culture is the attitude towards security within an organization, and the members of that organization. Poor security culture can lead to poor security. Everyone in the company needs to respect important security practices.

Even large organizations can have “simple” vulnerabilities within their systems and security practices. For example, using the username admin and the password password for their admin account.

If breaches happen, organizations have a duty to respond promptly and ethically to those data breaches.

Incident Response (IR) Playbook

An Incident Response (IR) Playbook is a one size fits all solution that can be used to respond to any incident.

It might contain details such as:

  • Who to contact when an incident is detected.
  • Containment procedures for different types of incidents.
  • Guidelines for how to preserve evidence for investigation.

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