Aggregates in Pandas

Learn the basics of aggregate functions in Pandas, which let us calculate quantities that describe groups of data..

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Aggregates in Pandas
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    This lesson you will learn about aggregates in Pandas. An aggregate statistic is a way of creating a single number that describes a group of numbers. Common aggregate statistics incluse mean,...

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    In the previous lesson, you learned how to perform operations on each value in a column using [...] . In this exercise, you will learn how to combine all of the values from a column for a sing...

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    When we have a bunch of data, we often want to calculate aggregate statistics (mean, standard deviation, median, percentiles, etc.) over certain subsets of the data. Suppose we have a grade book w...

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    After using [...] , we often need to clean our resulting data. As we saw in the previous exercise, the [...] function creates a new Series, not a DataFrame. For our example, the in...

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    Sometimes, the operation that you want to perform is more complicated than [...] or [...] . In those cases, you can use the [...] method and lambda functions, just like we did for individual ...

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    Sometimes, we want to group by more than one column. We can easily do this by passing a list of column names into the [...] method. Imagine that we run a chain of stores and have data about the...

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    When we perform a [...] across multiple columns, we often want to change how our data is stored. For instance, recall the example where we are running a chain of stores and have data about the n...

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    This lesson introduced you to aggregates in Pandas. You learned: How to perform aggregate statistics over individual rows with the same value using [...] . How to rearrange a DataFrame into...

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Aggregates in Pandas

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