Data Visualization in Python

Continue your learning by starting with Data Visualization in Python

Why Learn Data Visualization?

When we present data graphically, we can see the patterns and insights we're trying to find. It becomes easier to grasp difficult concepts or identify new trends we may have missed. We can use visualization to make an argument, or to support a hypothesis, or to explore our world in different ways.

Python allows us to create visualizations easily and quickly using Matplotlib and Seaborn.

Take–Away Skills

Matplotlib is the most commonly used graphing tool in Python. You will learn how to:

  • create line graphs
  • create bar charts
  • create pie graphs
  • add error bars to graphs
  • add labels and styling to graphs

Seaborn is an add-on to Matplotlib that allows us to style our graphs more professionally, and create more sleek graphics. You will learn how to choose color schemes for your graphs and take them to the next level.


You should know basic Python, including how to write functions, use lists and loops, and call methods on objects.

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