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Associated Variables

When variables are associated, information about the value of one variable provides information about the value of the other variable. For example, average temperature might be associated with ice cream sales because people tend to buy more ice cream in summer months, when the temperature is hotter. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the higher temperature causes more people to buy ice cream, but it does mean that we can predict ice cream sales more accurately if we know what the temperature is outside.

Associations: Quantitative and Categorical Variables
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  1. 1
    Examining the relationship between variables can give us key insight into our data. In this lesson, we will cover ways of assessing the association between a quantitative variable and a categorical…
  2. 2
    Recall that in the last exercise, we began investigating whether or not there is an association between math scores and the school a student attends. We can begin quantifying this association by us…
  3. 3
    The difference in mean math scores for students at GP and MS was 0.64. How do we know whether this difference is considered small or large? To answer this question, we need to know something about …
  4. 4
    Another way to explore the relationship between a quantitative and categorical variable in more detail is by inspecting overlapping histograms. In the code below, setting alpha = .5 ensures that th…
  5. 5
    In each of the previous exercises, we assessed whether there was an association between a quantitative variable (math scores) and a BINARY categorical variable (school). The categorical variable is…
  6. 6
    In this lesson, we used summary statistics and data visualization tools to examine an association between a quantitative and categorical variable. More specifically, we: - evaluated mean and media…

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