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Ethics and AI

Autonomous Weapons and AI

Autonomous weapons use artificial intelligence to identify and engage targets without human control.

Autonomous Weapons Consequences

Autonomous weapons carry some powerful ethical concerns, such as:

  • Ensuring the safety of non-combatants
  • Accountability for mistakes
  • Their legality


Automation is the process of replacing labor with machines or software. Examples include:

  • Replacing factory workers with robotic arms
  • Replacing weavers with spinning mills

Automation Consequences

While automation can improve efficiency and free up human labor, it has the potential to displace jobs or concentrate power to owners.

AI and Art

AI has improved its ability to create art by training on art produced by humans. This has led to questions of copyright infringement and ownership concerns.

Biases in AI

AI often replicates harmful biases found in its training data. Biases in AI can often be difficult to detect and eliminate.