Navigating AI Ethical Challenges and Risks

Understand ethical challenges in generative AI. Learn about challenges, risks, data privacy, algorithmic bias, and decision-making frameworks for responsible use.

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About this course

In this course, you will gain a foundational understanding of the ethical challenges and risks associated with generative AI. You will also gain awareness of the ethical considerations of using generative AI, and learn about decision-making frameworks to navigate ethical challenges, and make responsible choices when working with this technology.

Learning objectives

  • Discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • Recognize the ethical challenges and risks of generative ai and their impact on society and business practices
  • Identify ethical considerations and risks related to data privacy, algorithmic bias, automation, and human-ai collaboration

How it works

Expert-led videos

In this course, you'll watch videos created by industry-leading experts for some of the biggest tech companies in the world. They'll cover key concepts, go through sample applications, prepare you for industry certifications, and more. Watch on any device — whenever and wherever you want — to learn at your own pace.

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7 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Language Models

Jacob Johnson
Aug 2, 2023

Everyone’s been talking about artificial intelligence (AI) as generative AI systems have become more mainstream over the past year. But the technology underlying these impressive programs isn’t new. The use of language models, computer programs that learn to understand and generate human language by analyzing large amounts of text, goes back decades.

Today, language models are used to build generative AI that can perform tons of different tasks. Here are a few fun facts that’ll give you a sense of their potential — but if you want to learn more about all the cool things you can do with AI, check out our AI courses.

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