Configuring Personality Insights

In this unit, learn how to set up and use Watson's Personality Insights API to analyze bodies of authored content.

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Using the Personality Insights API
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    We'll use Personality Insights (PI) to analyze the data (tweets) that the Celebrity Match application retrieves from Twitter. PI is just one of many services available in the Watson Developer ...

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    Personality Insights is a service that is part of the Watson Developer Cloud. The Watson Developer Cloud has a single software development kit (SDK) that allows users to access all of the available...

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    Before we can send the content we retrieve from Twitter to Personality Insights to be analyzed, we need to setup the credentials for the Personality Insights. We can do this by adding two variable...

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    Next, we'll make use of the [...] Python package we imported earlier. Similar to how we interacted with the Twitter API, we'll create an instance, initialize it with a username and password, and...

Configuring Personality Insights

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