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Introduction to ChatGPT

ChatGPT Machine Learning

ChatGPT is built on machine learning, which involves an algorithm:

  • Being fed a lot of training data
  • Generating patterns from that initial data
  • Using those patterns to make predictions or to generate new data.

ChatGPT Large Language Models

ChatGPT is a large language model, which aims to recognize the way text is written.

ChatGPT Predictions

ChatGPT guesses the next word that comes after the one it has just written based on its training data.

It does not understand the context or the meaning of the words it is generating.

ChatGPT Training

ChatGPT was trained on a massive amount of data, including most of the text available on the internet as well as most known published works.

ChatGPT Possible Uses

ChatGPT has a number of potential uses, including:

  • Content generation
  • Customer support
  • Writing assistance
  • Data analysis

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