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Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT

ChatGPT Word Choice

When defining a ChatGPT, it is essential to use clear, straightforward language. Confusing and unusual word choices may throw off ChatGPT in its processing.

Instead of:

My team is interested in X, tell me about that


Provide a summary of X, including its history, features, and configuration.

ChatGPT Tone, Format, and Audience

Defining a clear purpose for a prompt can assist in getting useful results. Think about:

Tone: How do you want the output to sound? Funny? Professional?

Format: How do you want the output structured? Bullet list? Paragraph? An essay?

Audience: Who is this for? Do you want something for children? Beginners? Experts?

ChatGPT Prompt Context

Providing context to ChatGPT can each help in creating a more useful response. Context includes:

  • Background information
  • Specific Requirements
  • Constraints

ChatGPT Examples

Providing examples of what is wanted will allow ChatGPT to produce more similar results.

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