Intro to Generative AI

Dive into the many forms of generative AI and learn how we can best use these new technologies!

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About this course

Artificial Intelligence is a fast-evolving field of technology that lets computers simulate human functions, such as learning and problem-solving. A subset of AI that’s been gaining traction recently is generative AI, which specializes in creating new content, be it text, images, audio, or videos. Take this course to learn about the different types of generative AI using interactive applets!

Skills you'll gain

  • Understand what generative AI is

  • See the different types of generative AI

  • Study the ethics of using generative AI


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Meet the creator of the course
Alisha Grama
Senior Instructional Designer, Computer Science at Codecademy
Alisha is a Senior Instructional Designer in the computer science domain at Codecademy. Alisha majored in Computer Science and minored in Ethics at the University of Rochester, where she gained experience as a Teaching Assistant. Before joining Codecademy, she taught STEM concepts to secondary students, including as the Lead Algebra Teacher at a Brooklyn charter school.

Intro to Generative AI course ratings and reviews

4.17 out of 5 stars
1,120 ratings
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  • Codecademy's "Introduction to Generative AI" course was a fantastic experience. It provided a clear and accessible introduction to the world of generative AI, leaving me eager to continue exploring this fascinating field further.
    Justin W.
    Verified Learner
  • This course effectively explains chat AI, image AI, and video AI. Further more, where it gets its data from and how it is presented. This course is useful for whomever doesn't fully understand how it works.
    Yad H.
    Verified Learner
  • I recently had the opportunity to explore the "Introduction to Generative AI" course on Codecademy, and I must say that it exceeded my expectations in terms of content, presentation, and overall learning experience. This course is a fantastic gateway for anyone interested in diving into the fascinating world of generative artificial intelligence.
    Jeath U.
    Verified Learner

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Frequently asked questions about Intro to Generative AI

  • Generative AI (artificial intelligence) is a fast-evolving branch of AI that specializes in creating new content, be it text, images, audio, or videos.