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Blockchain Infrastructure

Retrieving Data From Blockchain

In blockchain infrastructure, to retrieve data from the blockchain, data must be indexed and queried.

Decentralized Data Layers for Query and Send

In blockchain infrastructure, some data layers that query and send blockchain data may be centralized to make it easier for developers.


In blockchain infrastructure, oracles are entities that provide external data that can be used in smart contracts.

Decentralized Data Layers

In blockchain infrastructure, decentralized data layers have nodes, provide blockchain data for developers to pull from, and a consensus or validation mechanism in place to incentivize proper data and penalize false data

Blockchain Development Environments

In blockchain infrastructure, blockchain development environments provide tooling to make writing smart contracts easier and provide local mock chains for a developer to build on.


In blockchain infrastructure, a wallet is a piece of software used to authenticate users.

Storing Data Off-Chain

Storing data on a blockchain is computationally expensive; therefore, to save on cost, not all data should be stored on-chain.

Frontend APIs for Blockchain

In blockchain infrastructure, front-end APIs exist that allow apps to connect to blockchains using JavaScript.

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