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DevOps Automation

Automation is the process of using tools, scripts, and other software to perform aspects of software development and operations.

Common automated tasks include:

  1. Setting up infrastructure
  2. CI/CD
  3. Testing
  4. Monitoring
  5. Log management
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    _Anita has been an independent programmer for years, working solo on most of her projects. Recently, she has begun working on larger projects with a team and some of her development and deployments…
  2. 2
    Although manual deployment isn’t always a bad thing, it can cause a lot of problems when trying to work on a large project with many developers. Let’s take a look at some common bottlenecks found w…
  3. 3
    Automating processes leads to many benefits when compared to traditional manual processes. Automated systems are: * Faster — automated processes can perform operations much faster than people. * …
  4. 4
    _It happened again. A bug was accidentally released to the public in one of Anita’s apps. This rarely happened when she wrote the code on her own. Now with so many developers merging in code and fi…
  5. 5
    Continuous integration is a practice that consists of two main components: * Merging source code changes on a frequent basis * Building and testing the changes in an automated process The main …
  6. 6
    Building and testing an application in testing and staging environments ensures that the code is compatible with production infrastructure. When done manually, subtle differences between environme…
  7. 7
    The application is finally ready for production, but who is going to approve it and move it onto the production server? Traditionally, an approval process is controlled by the deployment team. The …
  8. 8
    Overall, the CI/CD pipeline is the implementation of DevOps culture through automation. The relationships between them can be summarized in three points: 1. The CI/CD pipeline optimizes the product…
  9. 9
    In this lesson, we learned about the problems which can occur when using manual deployment processes with large team projects. Although manual processes may be fine for small projects, customers in…

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