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Scalability is a system’s ability to add resources to keep up with growing demand. A system with great scalability will be able to do this without interrupting services.

Infrastructure Management
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    _Summer launches her web browser, enters the URL for her company’s business analytics application, and voilà — immediately, her browser is filled with beautiful charts, graphs, and statistics loade…
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    Scalability is a system’s ability to add resources to keep up with growing demand. When more more users begin using an application, infrastructure with great scalability will handle it without …
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    Let’s imagine we have a very simple blog application. It doesn’t require much of our server’s memory or processing power. However, it is getting a ton of traffic, which is great! We need to scale t…
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    _Dakota has tested all of the features of her application in her local development environment. She is proud to push the app to their team’s testing environment for QA to look at. Within hours, QA …
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    _Juan has been in the software business for a long time. He oversees application deployment for a prestigious banking institution. The team is about to roll out a major update to their application….
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    Orchestration tools rely on a core principle of DevOps: Infrastructure as Code. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the act of defining infrastructure properties in configuration files. These confi…
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    Historically, businesses owned and managed infrastructure on company premises with their staff. This is known as traditional- or in-house infrastructure. With traditional infrastructure, th…
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    The last couple of decades brought about an important shift in infrastructure management. This shift was cloud-based infrastructure. Cloud-based infrastructure refers to infrastructure and comp…
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    In this lesson, we covered many facets of infrastructure management, including: * Scalability * Virtualization and Containerization * Orchestration * Infrastructure as Code * Cloud vs On-Premises i…

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