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Deployment is the general process of making a piece of software available to its users. It encompasses a number of important tools and processes including:

  • Version control systems
  • Infrastructure management
  • Testing
  • Deployment environments
What is Deployment?
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  1. 1
    _Gabriel is a junior software developer who has just finished working on a new feature. They are excited to share their code with their users. What happens next? Do they go door to door installing …
  2. 2
    _Gabriel is excited to learn about how their company’s software is accessed by their users. They head over to see Lars, a member of the Operations team, who is setting up a server in the server war…
  3. 3
    _Gabriel is excited to get their code onto their company’s servers. They sneak into the server room and pull out their USB stick. Right as they are about to plug it into the server, Lars stops him …
  4. 4
    _Monica is Gabriel’s engineering manager. Gabriel has checked their code into the version control system and wants users to access the new feature as soon as possible. Monica knows better. Changes …
  5. 5
    _Gabriel’s new feature went from their own computer, into the version control system, passed tests, and was merged into the source code. Now, it’s time to “deploy to production”! But what exactly d…
  6. 6
    _Gabriel’s new feature has finally been deployed to production! Users around the world are accessing the new feature via servers, networks, and other infrastructure. Their user experience is as goo…

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