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define password create a pass_length variable and set it to 0 create a contains_number variable and set it to False if the entire password hasn't been searched: iterate to the next character of the password increment the pass_length variable if the current character of the password contains number: set contains_number to True if pass_length is greater than 8 and if contain_number is equal to True: valid password otherwise: invalid password

Pseudocode is a description of an algorithm using everyday wording, but molded to appear similar to a simplified programming language.

Basic Programming Concepts
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    In programming, we have a way of storing values so that we can reuse them throughout our program or change them, if necessary. This concept is known as a variable. A variable is a way of saving…
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    Data is a basic unit in programming. Without data, we couldn’t write any programs! But what is data? We may be familiar with data as information, or facts. In computing, data is the pieces of i…
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    In computing, we work with lots of different forms of data. But the real fun comes when we can do something with this data. Operators are different symbols that represent an operation, such as the…
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    Every program is a set of instructions, executed in a certain order. This order, called control flow, is just as important as the instructions themselves. Computers can run instructions on thei…
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    When we start writing more complex programs, we’ll start working with more pieces of data. But data can get messy real fast if we’re not careful. To keep our data tidy, we’ll want to use _data st…
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    Imagine we were creating a sandwich-making program for a store. The four instructions could be to add bread, add peanut butter, add jelly, and then add another bread on top. Sounds easy, right? Bu…
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    Nice job reaching the end of this lesson about important programming topics. Let’s go over what we learned: * Variables are named pieces of data. We can create and update the value attached to a va…

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