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Practice Bash Scripting in Linux

Bash Scripts

Reusuable sets of bash terminal commands can be created using bash scripts. Bash scripts can run any command that can be run in a terminal.

Bash Scripts Increase Productivity

Bash scripts can increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks. A perfect use case for a script is a cron job, which is a script that executes a task on a schedule.

Bash Script Use Cases

Bash scripts are commonly used to execute custom workflows that configure the Linux environment for specific purposes. They are also the backbone of many services and servers and are often developed for application installation or deployment. Packages downloaded via the terminal with wget or curl are often installed and configured to the environment using bash scripts.

Open-Source Bash Scripts

There are plenty of useful open-source Bash scripts available on the internet. We can simply download a script and execute them with the options built-in. We should absolutely take advantage of them!

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