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Bash Script Arguments

#!/bin/bash # For a script invoked by saycolors red green blue # echoes red echo $1 # echoes green echo $2 # echoes blue echo $3

Arguments can be added to a bash script after the script’s name. Once provided they can be accessed by using $(position in the argument list). For example, the first argument can be accessed with $1, the second with $2, the third with $3, etc.

Learn Bash Scripting
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    Bash (or shell) scripting is a great way to automate repetitive tasks and can save you a ton of time as a developer. Bash scripts execute within a Bash shell interpreter terminal. Any command you c…
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    Within bash scripts (or the terminal for that matter), variables are declared by setting the variable name equal to another value. For example, to set the variable greeting to “Hello”, you would us…
  3. 3
    When bash scripting, you can use conditionals to control which set of commands within the script run. Use if to start the conditional, followed by the condition in square brackets ([ ]). Make sure …
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    There are 3 different ways to loop within a bash script: for, while and until. A for loop is used to iterate through a list and execute an action at each step. For example, if we had a list of wor…
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    To make bash scripts more useful, we need to be able to access data external to the bash script file itself. The first way to do this is by prompting the user for input. For this, we use the read s…
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    You can set up aliases for your bash scripts within your .bashrc or .bash_profile file to allow calling your scripts without the full filename. For example, if we have our script, we c…
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    Take a minute to review what you’ve learned about bash scripting. - Any command that can be run in the terminal can be run in a bash script. - Variables are assigned using an equals sign with no sp…

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