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Features of the Linux Desktop Environment

Ubuntu Linux vs Other OS

The Ubuntu Linux operating system is similar to other popular operating systems with a multi-user desktop environment. Some commonalities include:

  • wallpapers and screensavers
  • menu bar and application menu
  • user login screen
  • graphical desktop environment
  • power management
  • WiFi and bluetooth settings
Slideshow of some pre-installed Ubuntu desktop apps. The slideshow continuously loops through images of the Gnome file manager, Firefox web browser, Rhythmbox audio player, and LibreOffice document writer applications.

Ubuntu Linux Applications Pre-Installed

Ubuntu Linux has several pre-installed open-source software. Examples include:

  • LibreOffice office suite
  • GIMP photo editor
  • VLC music player
  • Firefox web browser
  • Thunderbird email client
A quadrant of Ubuntu application images are shown. The upper left corner shows the startup page for the Firefox web browser. The upper right corner shows a blank canvas in the Gimp photo editor. The bottom left corner shows the LibreOffice office suite with an open document, presentation, and spreadsheet. The bottom right corner shows the Gnome file manager.

Ubuntu Linux Application Install

Additional applications can be installed in Ubuntu Linux using:

  • Software Center (graphical)
  • Terminal utility using apt command (non-graphical)
    • EXAMPLE: sudo apt install firefox

Ubuntu Linux Server Applications

Ubuntu Linux includes terminal-based applications, particularly for running servers with local or remote access.

The images shows the terminal running a utility called top. The utility shows real-time CPU usage, memory allocations, free RAM, amount of swap memory used, and actively running commands.

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