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Linux Documentation Utilities

Documentation on Linux is a great way to learn about installed utilities and commands. Linux provides many ways to access documentation:

  • The /usr/share/doc/ directory contains README files and other documents for installed commands.
  • The man command to access reference manual pages for all installed commands. Usage: man <command_name>.
  • The info command to access full detailed informational pages for all installed commands. Usage info <command_name>.
Linux Shell Utilities
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    In this lesson, we will be introducing you to a variety of Bash commands to handle specific needs such as: - Documentation: the Linux shell can be a daunting place for a beginner. Thankfully it…
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    Linux provides many ways to access documentation for other commands! Before we had the ability to use search engines to look up any questions we had, offline documentation was our only point of ref…
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    Chances are you’ve come across archived or compressed files and downloaded them. To interact with them through the command line, the Linux shell comes standard with many [compression / decompressio…
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    Archiving allows us to consolidate multiple files or directories into a single archived file. Two of the popular archive commands on Linux, zip and tar…
  5. 5
    What makes tar powerful is that we can combine it with the compression utilities we discussed in a previous exercise to create a compressed archive. tar with the -c and -f options relate to archivi…
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    Almost every computer in the world is now connected to a network. The Linux shell makes it easy to communicate with content on the Internet from the command line, and for the user to check on impor…
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    Good job on reaching the end of this lesson! You are now well-equipped or at least aware of the number of utilities available in the Linux shell. To review, we talked about: #### Documentation Doc…

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