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Intro to Linux

Linux is an open-source operating system that can be run on a wide range of devices. Linux can be operated without a graphical interface through a text terminal.

What Is Linux?
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    Welcome to the world of Linux and open-source software! In this lesson, we will learn about the Linux Operating System, its history, and its applications. Linux has had an incredible impact on mode…
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    To understand how Linux came to be, we must look back to the early days in computing, when Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie of Bell Laboratories began working on UNIX, the first ever portable operat…
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    To better understand the popularity of the Linux operating system among developers, let’s take a moment to talk more about open-source software and its ideals. Open-source software is software with…
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    In this exercise, we’ll break down the main components of the Linux operating system. First, let’s explain what an operating system is. It is a system program that provides an interface between th…
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    Linux refers to the family of operating systems based on the Linux kernel and each operating system is packaged as a distribution, or distro, of Linux. A Linux distribution is made from a softw…
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    Throughout this lesson, we learned about the rich open-source history of Linux and how it has been developed by the community as one of the most successful open-source projects of all time. We dis…

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