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Computer Programs

A computer program is a collection of instructions used to perform a certain task.

Processes and Threads
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    When using a computer, multiple programs can often be found running at the same time. Perhaps one for playing music, another for creating documents, and one for browsing the web. All of these progr…
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    To best optimize the performance of processes as their priority changes or as they wait for access to a limited resource, processes are put into one of five states: - New: The program has been sta…
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    When a process is initialized, its layout within memory has four distinct sections: * A text section for the compiled code * A data section for initialized variables * A stack for local variables …
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    While a process is an abstract data structure that represents all of the necessary information to run a program, a thread represents the actual sequence of processor instructions that are activel…
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    Typically, a single CPU core can only execute one thread, and therefore one process, at a time. With a clever use of blocking and context switching, this limitation can be obscured to users through…
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    Threads can behave differently depending on the environment they are created in. A thread built into the existing process is considered a kernel thread. This means that the kernel within the ope…
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    Congratulations! You have finished learning about some of the key foundations of an operating system: the processes and threads that all of the other code on the system rests upon. A process is a…

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