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Context Providers

// Provides "hello world" as the MyContext value to descendants <MyContext.Provider value="hello world"> <ChildComponent /> </MyContext.Provider>

React Context objects include a .Provider property that is a React component. It takes in a value prop to be made available to all its descendent components.

React Context
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    Imagine you’re building a React Application that stores data in a high-level GrandParent component. In this application, you need to pass that data through a Parent component, which then passes tha…
  2. 2
    The React Context API uses a Provider and Consumer pattern to share data throughout an application. The provider role is played by a React component that makes data available to its descend…
  3. 3
    In the last exercise, you learned how to create a React context object. You also learned how to assign the context’s .Provider component a value prop so descendants can access that value. But what …
  4. 4
    You saw in the last three exercises how Contexts can share data in an area of a React application. Now we’re going to show the common coding patterns many React developers use with Contexts and the…
  5. 5
    The previous exercise had you set up a wrapper component around a Context .Provider component. Now we’re going to make use of that wrapper component by working with React state. Many React applica…
  6. 6
    You’ve seen how React Context Providers can be used in multiple places in a React app. Here’s an brief example of a GreeterContext used to sets up different greetings for child components: …
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    Congrats, you’ve finished the React Context lesson! Let’s recap what you learned: * “Prop drilling” is the term for the common React pattern of data being passed as a prop through a large number o…

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