Speak, Listen & Reprompt
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    In this lesson, you will learn the fundamentals of generating dialogue using the Alexa SDK to create the following conversation: Alexa: Hello, welcome to Codecademy. What do you think is Codecadem…
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    Let’s walk through the Lambda function for an example Popular Language skill. The index.js file to the right contains a Lambda function with empty handlers for the initial speaking portion…
  3. 3
    Like we said in the last exercise, .speak() generates a response and then ends the session, so we’re never capturing the response from the user. Currently, our skill is set up so that Alexa asks t…
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    Currently, the Lambda function for our Popular Language skill responds with the welcome message, waits for the next user utterance and then sends the LanguageIntent response. Although this is…
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    You have learned a number of methods in this lesson to control how Alexa interacts with a user. - this.response.speak() sets up a response to the user and ends the session. - Chaining .listen() to…

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